Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Monarch Programming

I see a lot of writing on the Monarch program. Most I would like
to see is from the monarchs point of view. This what this is here.
Not a
bias view and with little on the actual experiences of depro-
gramming it and the psychological nightmare it can be.
It is a big undertaking to deprogram. Any kind of deprogramm-
ing. I will say most who are specifically programmed have the
Monarch program installed in them. Downloaded by their pro
grammer. It is, lets say a basic program they start with. Then build
from there. The monarch programming is a program for mind
control. Using torture, rape and drugs to create the alters for the
purpose of whatever the Illuminati want. Most Monarchs are
sex slaves and are used in black magic in what is called, Sex
Magic. The purpose of creating energy for the manifestations
of entities for the Illuminati. The ceremonies are not done in
lust or desire but for the purpose of manifesting the deities/
energies required for their black magic. The Monarch does not
know they are there or that they are even programmed. It can
go on for years without their knowledge. But they will say there
is something amiss. Something not quite right. They sense some

A programmer is a pain in the ass. Injecting ideas or problems for
the individual. Some think they are hearing a spirit guide when it is
actually a programmer manipulating them in the mind or a pro
gramming alter to appear as a guide. Hearing voices is not
always electronic stimulation via implants. The programmer
knows your mind and knows how to penetrate it. He programmed
it that way and knows it better then you. It is when we learn to
block them out can they have a harder time doing this. When
deprogramming. When he is not around a inner programmer is
present in the matrix.This is an alter who thinks she/he is
listening to a higher being and do as instructed. It can be a
problem for anyone deprogramming. This is all highly sophist
icated. More then you can imagine.

Alters can work for you and most against you. Self sabotage,
suicide alters, inner programmer. When we mess with the
program a self destruct mechanism starts. The suicidal thoughts
and alters activate. Some are very strong. Many have this from
the onset of their programming. We become deeply depressed
at times. Our alters know when to attack. It's done by instruction
of the programmer. In deprogramming we merge those personal
ities. It takes time and effort. But it can be done. Some are be
friended better then others. Some want to deprogram more
then others. It is all so intricate. When we are fragmented to
make the alters. A cube forms over our head that house
the many alters in compartments. There are many there for
these alters to dwell. There are frequencies in these compart-
ments that are used by the Illuminati. Hearing frequencies is
often from here. With the exception of implants and outside
tower interference. They use the codes in these compartments
to torment us further. They cycle around with these codes and
we feel targeted. But it is the computer via satellite that is
doing this. Microwaves I think are involved too. I have had
this often. Military bases do this work. Many military bases
are programming centers. Even though they can program you
with satellites now a days. They target us in our sleep to push
us out of our bodies, astral travel. Usually in the wee hours of
the morning. There are those of us that have been programm-
ed for many generations. Our families are slaves to the Illuminati.
Many due to having family that is Illuminati or 300 committee.
The 13 ruling families are the central control then the committee
controls committees, trilaterals, etc. They work for the Illuminati.
Or under the 13 ruling body of lizards. The committee is what
my generational programming is from. Slaves in my view.

My family has been subjected to this for many generations.
The programs are handed down. I call them hand me down
programs. Some were programmed to be handlers, and don't
need to be reprogrammed. They don't need to know any black
magic or programming. They don't need to. The Illuminati
intermingle with the programs they know exist and hide in
the energy to appear as someone else. They can make you
life so hellish and keep you under control better this way.
Keeping you isolated and lonely. Programs have existed in
them for many generations. Lets say it is automatic. The
longer the family is programmed the easier they are to
program. A Illuminati family will own them and enslave
the line this way. I see this a lot in my family. The slave
behavior. Subservient, low esteem, bordering on criminal
activity, abusive, nasty and stuck in their bad luck. Some
of them are like their higher up families, con-men, liars
and thieves. It goes on and on. Until someone in the line
begins to unravel it all. Deprogramming is lengthy due to
old programs from long ago.

There are many programs that the Illuminati use.
Monarch is the most famous, and most common. Then
there is the Greenstar program for the fake alien visitation
and attack. That one is common also. Stalker programming
is for spies for the Illuminati, they have photographic memory.
And remember things in such detail. Presidential Models,
upper ecshelon sex slaves as are Beta's. High up sex slaves.
Cult programming. As in religious cults. Decendent programm-
ing. Those who have Illuminati families and so forth. There
are still some Experimental Monarchs too. The first to be
experimented on. Older ladies who endured a great deal of
abuse. Many didn't survive this abusive programming. Marilyn
Monroe was one. There are many programs and many situations.
All depends on your genetics. Some of these mixtures would kill
one while another can take the programming. The genetics
plays a major role in the programming. Especially, prized are
the Lyrean genes-the human. Light haired people. They are
easiest programmed. The hardest are the pure Africans with
no white genes.